March 2018: APLS & VSOTA 2018

Off to Memphis! Dr. Alexander headed to the annual conference for the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS). Her presentation titles included:

  • Examination of the confluence model of sexual aggression in college males
  • The relationship between childhood poly-victimization and psychopathy in college students
  • Competency restoration for adult defendants in different treatment environments: A future direction for research and policy
2018-03-10 21.38.58.jpg

While at AP-LS, she continued her work on the Teaching, Training, and Careers Committee, as well as the Externally Focused Initiative Committee. This year, APLS President Dr. Eve Brank began this initiative to provide service to the community in which the conference was held. Dr. Alexander assisted in bringing 50 local high schoolers to the conference to attend sessions, attend the plenary about Kalief Browder, and have lunch with graduate students. What a great event!

2018-03-09 13.08.09.jpg

Dr. Alexander also traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia to present at the Virginia Sex Offender Treatment Association (VSOTA) annual conference. She was invited to provide two workshops entitled, Cultural Awareness and Competence in Sex Offender Treatment.

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