June 2018: Denver Comic Con 2018

We're back at Denver Comic Con!

Dr. Alexander and her team of GSPP students presented a panel entitled A Rose From Concrete: Examining Post-Traumatic Growth in the Media. Dr. Alexander provided an introduction of the concept of post-traumatic growth (the subjective experience of positive psychology change reported by some individuals who have experienced trauma) and discussed how many superheroes have suffered a loss or trauma in their origin story.

Jason Silverberg (PsyD student) presented on Frank Castle's experience of moral injury in the Netflix series Punisher. Loe Blackmond (MAFP graduate; PsyD student) discussed Gamora's (from Guaridans of the Galaxy and Infinity War) journey to post-traumatic growth. Despite the session being the very last session of the last day of Comic Con, there was a great audience turnout! The audience was very engaged during the Q&A portion, which centered on trauma-informed practice in writing, education, and the workplace. Way to integrate psychological science into popular culture!