November 2017: In the News! Street Harassment

Dr. Alexander was interviewed by Denverite about street harassment in the Denver community. Approximately 85% of women have experienced street harassment in their lifetime--with 30% having experienced confrontational forms (e.g., being followed in a manner that frightened them). Denverite writer Ashley Dean also notes important issues related to street harassment and violence against LGBTQ+ and non-binary individuals. It's important to combat hypermasculine/toxic masculine attitudes and beliefs to combat identity-based violence. 

June 2017: Comic Con?!?!

Yes, Comic Con! Bridging psychological research and pop culture.

Dr. Alexander and two DU alumni (Zack Lomuto and Katherine Miller) presented at Denver Comic Con! There presentation was entitled, That Could Be Me!: Diversity, Inclusivity, and Representation in the Media. The panel discussed problematic themes of hyper-masculinity, stereotypical behavior of minority groups, over-sexualization, and emphasis on traditional gender roles in comics and their associated media. The presentation also highlighted the importance of appropriate representation and inclusivity.

And no, Dr. Alexander did not cosplay this year. ;)


April 2015: SCOPE

The Department of Psychology at Auburn University held its first Scholars Committed to Opportunities in Psychological Education (SCOPE) program. SCOPE is a 3-day program that was founded at Auburn by graduate students Becca Fix and Madison Silverstein which is committed to the recruitment, mentoring, empowerment, and professional training of undergraduate racial/ethnic minority students interested in attending graduate school and subsequent careers in the field of psychology. Dr. Alexander served as one of the faculty mentors.

2015-04-25 13.34.25.jpg