January 2019-Busy Start!

2019 is here and ought to be a great year!

The National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) was held in Denver this year. Dr. Alexander was selected to attend the inaugural Academic Feminist Leadership Academy held before the conference, and co-facilitated a roundtable entitled Changing the academy from within: A conversation about opening doors and minds in graduate clinical training with her GSPP colleagues.

The following week Dr. Alexander headed to The Big Easy for the National Council of Schools and Programs in Professional Psychology (NCSPP) mid-winter conference. Outside of eating an ungodly amount of gulf coast oysters, she gave two presentations. The first focused on the development of graduate-level curriculum in public policy and advocacy—discussing the development of her Public Policy and Advocacy course. The second presentation was conducted with her GSPP colleagues and entitled On fish, water, and what we don’t know we don’t know: Disrupting privilege in graduate clinical training. The presenters discussed how they discuss and disrupt privilege through pedagogy and experiential training in their training program.


Dr. Alexander was on Colorado Public Radio discussing ways to address police-involved shootings after 10 incidents of these shootings occurring in Colorado in the first few weeks of January. Check out the article and clip here.

Lastly, related to her TEDxMileHigh talk, Dr. Alexander testified in support of Colorado House Bill 19-1032 Comprehensive Sex Education. The bill would support consent education, healthy relationship education, and LGBTQ+ inclusive education in sex education programs throughout the state. The bill was passed the House Health and Insurance Committee in a 7-4 vote and is headed to appropriations!


December 2017: CCSEL Scholar

Dr. Alexander was accepted into the University of Denver Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL)'s Service Learning Scholars Program. The Scholars Program was designed for professors interested in incorporating community-engagement and service learning into their courses. She participated in a 2-day workshop focused on modifying her current DU courses to incorporate a community-engagement component for her students.

Stay tuned! She has several interdisciplinary projects in the works for 2018!

June 2017: Comic Con?!?!

Yes, Comic Con! Bridging psychological research and pop culture.

Dr. Alexander and two DU alumni (Zack Lomuto and Katherine Miller) presented at Denver Comic Con! There presentation was entitled, That Could Be Me!: Diversity, Inclusivity, and Representation in the Media. The panel discussed problematic themes of hyper-masculinity, stereotypical behavior of minority groups, over-sexualization, and emphasis on traditional gender roles in comics and their associated media. The presentation also highlighted the importance of appropriate representation and inclusivity.

And no, Dr. Alexander did not cosplay this year. ;)


July 2015: Oh, Canada!

Dr. Alexander traveled to Vancouver to present at the International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology. Her lecture provided details about her risk assessment training she received funding for last year through the Daniel F. Breeden Endowment Grant she received last year. After the conference, she was able to watch the international firework show while in the penthouse of the conference hotel!

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